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Products Overview

Products Overview

RF Components Mercury Systems' RF Microwave Component product family consists of high performance receiver components, noise components, voltage controlled oscillator components, linearized and non-linearized power amplifier components, mixer and ferrite components.

Receiver components (switches, attenuators, phase shifters, detectors and switch filter banks) are used widely in military ground-based, shipboard and airborne radar for tracking and simulation, phased array radar, electronic warfare systems, electronic intelligence and tactical/satellite communication systems. In addition, receiver components have commercial applications such as wireless communications, radar surveillance and test equipment to support systems. Products offer several competitive technical advantages, including a dedicated high power design and development facility, which manufactures receiver components in power levels up to 1200W CW (carrier wave). In addition, Mercury Systems also offers high power testing services.

Noise components are employed in testing and measuring sophisticated communication systems to determine the quality of the reception and transmission of information. The widest application for our noise components is as a reference standard in test instruments that measure unwanted noise in devices and components. Our noise components are used in wireless communication systems as part of built-in test equipment to continuously monitor the quality of the receiver. The major application of the noise source components involves some function of detection, calibration, simulation, security and statistical analysis. The components apply impulses of noise to the receiver to measure the radar sensitivity, signal gain, and frequency bandwidth. Our components used in conjunction with other electronic components are an effective means of jamming, blocking and disturbing hostile radar and other communications, as well as insulating and protecting friendly communications. Mercury Systems' noise source components are also used to test satellite communications and automated test equipment.

Voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs) provide a precise signal source within a given frequency range. These products generate sinusoidal signals in frequency ranges from 100MHz to over 7.5GHz, utilizing packaged silicon bipolar transistors that are controlled by an input voltage signal. Our VCOs are used in wireless applications including some military communications and satellite voice/messaging. We offer products in a series of narrow-band, wide-band and selective octave tuning bandwidths. Depending on the series, packaging configurations for MIL and commercial applications include PIN types, SMT, hermetic and miniature packages.

Linear and non-linearized power amplifiers including analog and digital pre-distortion products. Our specialized amplifiers are designed with a proprietary linearization capability that allows for smaller size amplifier solutions with a fraction of the power consumption. Our amplifier products are used in various commercial and military applications, and are currently in operation in applications such as base stations for commercial telecommunications standards to 3G and 4G standards, portable mobile video transmitters, MMDS transmitters, digital electronic news gathering equipment, RF test and measurement, multi-band military radio systems for man-pack, vehicular, and flight applications military countermeasures, jamming systems, and RF medical devices.

Broadband mixers and ferrites. These products offer exceptional performance for systems where spectral purity is important, including IED Jamming, TD-CDMA, WiMAX, COFDM, Radar, Electronic Warfare and Space applications.
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